Course Registration/Enrollment

Step 1: Student searches for courses and adds them to their Crimson Cart. 

Step 2: Student requests instructor permission, if applicable. 

Step 3: Instructor responds to permission requests. 

As student requests come in, instructors (and applicable staff) will see a number appear on the Requests button that indicates the number of pending student requests per course. Click the button to display a list of requests. Learn more.    

click requests button
Step 4: If applicable, faculty/advisor signs the Crimson Cart.
If your school requires you to sign a Crimson Cart, which removes a student's advising hold, you will see a number on your Worklist.  
click worklist to sign crimson carts
Step 5: Student enrolls in courses. 
Step 6: Instructor views class roster

Class rosters begin to populate as soon as students begin enrolling. The number in the Class Roster button indicates the real-time number of students enrolled in the course. Learn more. 

class roster