Course Registration/Enrollment

Course Registration/Enrollment


Depending on your school and course list, you may have to complete one or more of the following specialty enrollment activities after a course is added to your Crimson Cart:  


Step 1: Select a course (Course Search) and add it to your Crimson Cart.

Select a course by clicking on the Course Title. At the Top of the Course Tile, click the Add to Crimson Cart button.
Note:This button will be disabled (lettering displays in light gray) in the following conditions:

  • You do not have an active student record for the term 
  • The course is offered by a school other than your home school (please use the cross-registration portal to file a petition)
  • The Crimson Cart is not yet open for the term

From the screen you can take many other actions such as viewing the Canvas Site, searching for books at the Harvard Coop, or save course as a Favorite.

Course Pop Up

After adding courses to your Crimson Cart, you select related class sections such as labs and discussions. This page will be skipped if there are no additional components for the class.

image of secondary component screen

You then select preferences such as grading type and waitlisting (if applicable).

The confirmation screen shows you all of the courses that were successfully added to Crimson Cart. For courses with discussions, labs, or other secondary components, you will see multiple lines - one for the primary component, and one for the related class sections. 

image of primary and related class components


Step 2: Request instructor permission, if necessary.

If instructor consent is required, the system will alert you to initiate a request for permission after validating your Crimson Cart or when you attempt to enroll in the course. You may enter a note for the instructor explaining any necessary background about your request. Track the status of your requests straight from the Crimson Cart.


Step 3: Validate your Crimson Cart. 

Validation will automatically check for barriers to enrollment such as scheduling conflicts or necessary prerequisites. This step can be completed at any time. There is no limit to the number of times you can validate. We suggest that you validate every time you make a change to your Crimson Cart.


Step 4: Enroll in courses.

You may submit one or more course enrollments at a time - allowing you to enroll in some courses while waiting on pending variables for others. Your enrollments are complete once you have met the minimum credits for your field of study.

Lotteries (GSD)

Although the images below show a studio lottery, the lottery tool functions the same way regardless of the type of lottery event. 

Step 1: From the Enrollment Events section of Student Home, click Enter LotteryRead more about Lotteries (GSD)

Sectioning Preferences (FAS)

Many classes in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences create discussion sections using the my.harvard sectioning tool; if your course is using the sectioning tool and offers sectioning preferences, you will see a gear appear next to the enrolled course once sections preferences are available.

We encourage instructors to reach out to students to notify you when section… Read more about Sectioning Preferences (FAS)


Validation is a tool that can be used at any time during the course enrollment process. There is no limit to the number of times you can validate your Crimson Cart. 
Validation will automatically check for barriers to enrollment, such as scheduling conflicts or necessary prerequisites.


Step 1: Check the Wait list if class is full box to be placed on the waitlist.

The option will only appear for applicable classes. Not all schools use waitlists for limited enrollment courses.

Read more about Waitlists