Edit, Drop, and Swap

Once you enroll in courses, you will use the Edit, Drop, and Swap buttons to make changes. 

  • If you have not yet enrolled in a course (it's still in your Crimson Cart), you must use the Validate/Submit/Edit button to make changes. 
  • If you were pre-enrolled in a course and you have an advising hold, you cannot make any changes to that enrollment until your advising hold is lifted.


Edit - make changes to optional secondary components (labs, sections, etc), and grading preference.

Drop - drop a course (it's that easy).

Swap - add and drop a course in one action. If your school enforces a minimum enrollment limit, use this function to add/drop courses to ensure you do not drop below minimum credit requirements. 

Swap Step 1: Select the course you want to drop. 

swap 1

Swap Step 2: Select the course you want to add 

You have to first add the course to your Crimson Cart for it to show up in the drop down menu.

swap 2

Swap Step 3: Finish the swap! 

If you would like to edit, drop, or swap after the deadline, please contact your Registrar's Office for official policies and procedures.