View and Assign Proxy Graders

Faculty are automatically assigned a grading role, and may elect to assign proxy graders. Depending on your School's policies, certain teaching staff may be automatically assigned as a proxy grader (Video example: FAS/HDS).

Step 1: Sign in to my.harvard, select Teaching/Advising from the main menu, and navigate to the My Courses section.

Step 2: Click the Class Roster button.


Step 3: Click the assign proxy grader(s) button.

assign proxy button

Step 4: Click the + to add a new row, enter the proxy grader's HUID or click the magnifying glass to search by name. Click submit proxy grader(s).

click + and fill in fields

Some Important Things to Know about Proxy Graders:

  • Please allow up to 6 hours for proxy grading permissions to take effect.
  • Anyone with a grading role has the ability to assign additional proxy graders.
  • In order to assign someone as a proxy grader, that person must be affiliated with the department offering the course. If the person you are attempting to add is not affiliated with the department, please contact you Registrar's Office.

Drop down options for Instructor Role and Grade Roster Access are determined by your School's policies. Please contact your School's Registrar's Office if you wish to assign a level of grade roster permission that is not an option in the drop-down menu.

For policy questions related to grading, please contact your School's Registrar's Office.