Sectioning Preferences (FAS)

Many classes in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences create discussion sections using the my.harvard sectioning tool; if your course is using the sectioning tool and offers sectioning preferences, you will see a gear appear next to the enrolled course once sections preferences are available.

We encourage instructors to reach out to students to notify you when section preferences are available, but this is not auto-generated or mandatory, so keep an eye out for the gear!


Step 1: Click the gear to open the sectioning preference page.


Step 2: Read selection instructions and deadlines at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click the plus sign next to a section to select it. 

Selected sections will move into the Top Selection area. 

Step 3: Rank preferences using the arrows to edit order. Click Submit to finalize.

In this example, we’ve moved section L004 from our #1 choice to our #3 choice.