Early Grading for Graduating Students

Step 1: Select Graduating Students from the Graduation Status drop-down menu.

This refines the grade roster to show only students who have applied for graduation. It also triggers the Post button to appear. 

select graduating students

Step 2: Select grades for each graduating student. Make sure all grades are correct. 

It is important to verify that early grades are entered correctly. Once submitted (using the post button in Step 3), you will not be able to submit a grade change until after the full grade roster is submitted. 

Step 3: Click Post for Graduating Students

Please note the Approval Status must be set to Not Reviewed in order to submit early grades. 

post button appears

FAQ: I am entering grades on behalf of a faculty member. The Graduation Status drop-down filter doesn't work. Why?

At this time, the Graduation Status filter is only activated for faculty. If you are entering grades on behalf of a faculty member, you can identify students who have applied for graduation by looking at the Graduation Status column, located on the far right of the grade roster. 

See also: Grading

Grade Changes

Step 1: Sign in to my.harvard.

Select Teaching/Advising from the top menu. Click the Grades button.

Step 2: From the Grade Roster Action box, click Request Grade Change.

request grade change

Step 3: Click Change.

  • If a student is ineligible for a grade change, the Change hyperlink does not display.
  • If a student has a pending grade change, "Existing Grade Change Request" displays in the comment column.

Please contact your Registrar's office for questions about grade change eligibility. 


Step 4: Enter the new grade and provide a reason for the grade change. Click Submit.

After submission, the Faculty member will receive two emails:the first acknowledges that you have submitted a grade change request, and the second confirms that the Registrar has approved or denied your request.

new grade, reason, submit

See also: Grading

Upload Grades (recommended for larger classes)

Choose your preferred upload method:

Upload a standardized file (we think this is the easiest option!)

Learn how to format your spreadsheet to match the my.harvard standard format. Recommended for those who are comfortable with basic spreadsheet formatting.

Upload a Canvas file

Similar to uploading standardized file with two extra steps in Canvas. Recommended for those who would like to use their Canvas grade rosters.

Upload a custom file

Learn how to configure my.harvard to read your custom spreadsheet. Recommended for those who prefer not to edit their spreadsheets. 

Upload a new file

For those who have already uploaded a file and would like to add a new one. These steps apply to all three upload methods. 

Troubleshoot Upload Errors

The system may detect errors during the upload. Learn what the errors mean and how to fix them.

Manually Enter Grades (recommended for small and medium sized classes)

Before you begin, there are a few important things to know:

  • To enter or edit grades, the grade roster must be in Not Reviewed status.
  • Be sure to incrementally save your work. The system will not save automatically.

Step 1: Sign in to my.harvard. Select Teaching/Advising from the top menu.

navigate to grades


Step 2: Click the Grades button.

Individually assign grades using the drop-down menu for each student, or use the check-boxes to select multiple students and assign grades using the add this grade to selected students button. Be sure to save your work.

grade roster overview


Note: Depending on your School's policies, you may require Faculty to enter additional information about the grade. If Faculty has entered a grade that requires a note, a pencil icon will appear next to the grade. Click the pencil icon to enter a note. 


Step 3: Submit final grades.

Once you have finished entering grades, (1) change the Approval Status to Approved, and (2) click Save. A POST button will appear*. 

Be sure to (3) click POST to finalize the submission process. Once you click post, grades are finalized.

Grades changes may require assistance from your Registrar's Office depending on your school's policies. 

approve, save, post


*Important Notes on Approval Status and Proxy Permissions

If you are entering grades as a proxy, the Post button will not appear.

The ability to change the approval status depends on your grading permission level

If a proxy grader with "grade" level permission changes the approval status to Ready for Review, that person will no longer be able to make changes and cannot move the roster back to the Not Reviewed status. Using the Ready for Review status is optional. As long as proxy graders save their work, the faculty member can see and edit it.

To enter or edit grades, the grade roster must be in Not Reviewed status.

Mid Term Reporting

If you have students who require mid-term reporting, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to my.harvard. From the Teaching/Advising top menu, click the Class Roster button. 

class roster

Step 2: Under the Term Reporting column, click Mid-Term Progress Report.

The Term Reporting column will only appear once mid term reporting is open. This field will only populate for applicable students.  

mid term progress report

Step 3: Enter the mid-term progress report in the box that appears. 

Click OK when you are ready to submit your report. When you click OK, your note becomes part of the official student record. It cannot be edited.  

enter note

A copy of your mid-term report will be emailed to you. Additionally, a copy may be sent to other members of the student's academic team. Your mid-term report will also become an advising note, which will display to the student's direct advisors via the advising journal.

Please contact your Registrar's Office with questions about mid-term reporting including inquiries about which students will require mid-term reports and how the reports will be shared.