Instructor Permission


Step 1: Add courses to your Crimson Cart.

Step 2: Validate your Crimson Cart.

If a course requires instructor permission a request button will appear.



Step 3: Click Request to Initiate the request for permission. Click Submit.

Note:  For graduate students adding courses where there is a time conflict, you may not be able to see the request button. In order to make the button appear, follow these steps:

  • Go in and remove any classes that conflict.  You can tell there is a conflict by seeing a red exclamation mark. When you hover over the exclamation mark, it will display this message:

There is currently a meeting time conflict for two of your shopping cart classes or a shopping cart class and one of your enrolled classes for this term. Use the class numbers to check the meeting times.)

  • Once you’ve selected these classes, re-add the courses that required permission of instructor.

  • Validate those courses. This will cause the Request button to appear in your cart.  You can then proceed with requesting permission of instructor.

  • Once this step has been completed, you can add the other course(s) that don’t require permission of instructor. 


Step 4: Track the status of your requests from your Crimson Cart.

To view the status of your request(s), validate your Crimson Cart or click on your Student Home tab to refresh the page.  

request status


Step 5: Take action!

If you your request is approved, now it's time to enroll.