Student Basics

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Quick Links

Quick Links displays a list of pre-populated links, and allows you to create favorites of your own. 

My Current Courses is pre-populated with a list of the courses you are currently taking or teaching. It will link course sites, including classes from schools outside of your school. Click View History for a list of past courses sites for courses you have taken or taught. 

My Quick Links allows you to create links from within and outside of my.harvard.… Read more about Quick Links

Personal Information

The personal info tab allows you to view and edit the University’s official record of your name, address, phone number, email, emergency contact, and missing person contact.  

The pencil icon indicates that you are able to make edits to any given piece of information. All edits will take place immediately.

Select Privacy Settings to manage who can see what pieces of your information.

Select Maintain Ethnicity to self-identity your ethnicity.

Select Update Gender Marker to identify, change, or delete your chosen… Read more about Personal Information